ARQ Treasure Quest

Imagine being part of a team of marine archaeologists as they pinpoint the location of a historical shipwreck. The excitement the diver experiences approaching this time capsule and finding his first artifact. Seeing how the rescued artifacts can be restored to its original state and add another clue to our knowledge of human history.

Arqueonautas Worldwide is a marine archaeological company that has been looking for and recovering shipwrecks for over 17 years. Recently we have paired up with a team of game developers that have been turning our day to day adventures into a challenging and realistic game.

The Game

In the ARQ game the player will experience all the joys and frustrations of leading a marine archaeological expedition. Through Arqueonautas extensive experience this game is going to be as real as it gets. The game is being developed for PC/MAC and is intend to be released on multiple platforms.

Expeditions are extremely expensive so in order to survive the cutthroat competition the player must manage his team and resources very well. The player takes on the role of leading a treasure quest into the depths of the Atlantic and Indian oceans and must hire his team, choose a location, get historical archival research, apply to government licenses, get financing, charter expedition ships and buy equipment.

When the expedition is launched he must stock up on supplies, such as water, fuel, food, spare parts and diving supplies that will enable him to search, find and remain the maximum time at the wreck location. The player must survey the seabed and send down divers once the wreck is found.

During the expedition the player must manage his team work by assigning tasks such as remote sensing survey, scanning with a metal detector, marking an area, excavating or lifting objects to the surface. He must also pay close attention to the air available in the tanks and decompression time. As in real life the player is confronted with strong currents, low visibility, storms, sharks, corrupt politicians, pirates and unexpected troubles.

Once you bring the artifacts to the surface you must assign resources to recovering them so that unique artifacts may later be donated to museums to gain prestige and repetitive cargo can be sold to cover costs and allow for a sustainable activity. With close guidance of the game developers team, Arqueonautas is aiming to deliver an authentic experience of marine archaeology as well as making a challenging and exciting management game.

With this game Arqueonautas aims to bring awareness to the importance of preserving Underwater Cultural Heritage, as well as, helping to fund future expeditions with revenue generated by the game.